Giant Loop MoJavi Saddlebag Review

The MoJavi Saddlebag from Giant Loop is a smaller day bag version of the Oregon based company’s already popular Great Basin and Coyote Saddlebags. The Mojavi was designed to lighten the load off your back by placing the essentials needed for your ride on your dualsport or dirt bike.

Klim Adventure Rally Suit – Video Preview

The Klim Adventure Rally Suit is the off-road and snowmobile gear manufacturer’s first foray into a serious adventure rider’s suit. The jacket and pants boast a feature list longer than some modern cars, and some of the highest tech materials we’ve seen here on OWD.

Icon Variant Helmet Baja Review – Adventurous as You Want to Be

Icon’s latest Halo-as-you-want-to-be “Urban Assault Helmet” offering, the Variant, is targeting the street market, but adventure riders looking at this lid will recognize cues from the Arai XD and Shoei Hornet DS. So taking the Icon Variant beyond the urban, how does it measure up? Over 8000kms of adventure riding from Northern California to the southern tip of the Baja and back is provides the answers.

California Cycleworks HM69 Extended Range Hypermotard Fuel Tank – Priceless

It’s hard to get anywhere when a your Ducati Hypermotard 1100 is sucking fumes after 110 kms (70 miles) of full-on frolic. Luckily, California Cycleworks offers a solution, the 22.2L (6.4 US Gal) HM69 fuel tank, and if you invest in one accessory to transform your Hypermotard from “toy to tool”, this is it.

Twenty20 ContourHD 720p Helmet-Cam Review

The Twenty20 ContourHD has is the world’s first 720p helmet cam for the consumer market and OneWheelDrive.Net has bought one for independent review. So how does the footage look and will the unit make the cut with the motorcycle traveler? You be the judge.

Review: Dainese Neck Goretex with Odessa Pants.

Earlier on this week my package from Bimoto, which contained a Dainese New Neck Goretex, and Odessa pants arrived and just begged to be reviewed. The Dainese New Neck Goretex, is quite a mouthful but its fitting (if you pardon the pun) as it’s quite a jacket!

Alpinestars Tech 3 All Terrain Boots – Trick!

Dawson, Yukon – At the Dawson Music Festival the beer garden has become a beer swamp, sporting an ankle deep covering of mud.  Taking no half-measures in testing the gear, I’ve ridden just over 4000kms on and off road from Vancouver, BC to get here and I’ll be damned if I’m ruining my good shoes. …

Review: Buell “X” Waterproof Gauntlet Gloves

Brace yourselves, the Buell “X” Waterproof Gauntlet Gloves have become my cool weather glove of choice.  There is something deeply psychologically comforting about slipping your hands into the X’s soft micro-fleece lining, it’s a promise of warmth.  A promise which these gloves deliver on, which given my track record with Buell motorcycle gear comes as…

Buell Adventure Jacket and Pants – Switchback Betrayal

I’ve toured over 5000km by the time I exchange the Buell Gear in Quebec City, and that’s long overdue.  That means I’ve already ridden through Atlantic Canada with “Adventure” gear designed by someone who clearly has never ridden in the rain, drizzle, fog, or temperatures below 20 Celsius.

Review: Rev’It! Apache H20 Boots

For my own meagre off road skills, I want a boot that isn’t as “full on” as a motocross boot, yet serves the off road premise a bit better than my street boots. I want a waterproof boot. Here in Auckland, we get four seasons in one day and I don’t like wet feet. I want a dual sport boot that I can walk in. I want a boot I don’t look out of place in when stopping between gravel roads at a remote cafe. Until the Rev’it! Apache H20, I think I would have been searching for awhile.

Review: Revit Cayenne Pro

The Rev’it! Cayenne Pro is a seasoned veteran on the road, equally it’s at home on the aggressive back roads of any adventure. One of the most gossiped and admired adventure-touring jackets, and the successor to the ever popular Rev’it! Cayenne, has had major reconstructive surgery.

Review: BMW Atlantis 4 Suit

Joe admits to liking leather, for its protective qualities mind you. That’s not without it’s problem, when the cow hide gets wet. So can the BMW Atlantis 4 Suit to bridge the gap, between protection and surviving the elements?