ICON RAIDEN: Lords of the Atlas – Baja 1000

Pushing limits, testing resolve, and validating ideas-these are the doctrines for the all new RAIDEN collection. RAIDEN charts a course of aggressive patterns, hella technical materials, and the bold visuals… and this being ICON the’ve put the new kit through the paces, riding the Baja 1000 no less.

Review: Macna Alpine Pants versus the Desert

Mid-day riding the Bradshaw Trail and Red Canyon just south-east of Palm Springs, and I’m struck by a “hot weather” realization, the Macna Alpine Pants I’ve paired with the Geo jacket have vents. Not just vents, but 3D mesh vents mid-thigh. Hitting 50+ kph in the sand washes, standing there is a lovely cooling vortex sweeping my thighs and around to my buttocks.

Battle-Scarred – The Icon Variant Battlescar Helmet

The Triumph Tiger 800 XC’s front tire hits a ridge under the fine silt dust and washes out to the left. There is no warning, no chance to correct, only my plowing sideways off the bike towards a large rock and a gate post, while the Triumph flops to its side. The rear spoiler of the Icon Variant Battlescar Helmet connects with the rock, absorbing the impact and leaving the shell unscathed.

Crash Tested: Alpinestars Scouts – Always Prepared

The bike goes down in an instant, there is no feedback through the chassis, no squirm from the tires, one moment my KTM 690 Enduro R is upright on La Honda road outside San Francisco. The next the bike and I are sliding through the corner, only to separate with me stopping face first a few feet from the barrier and the 690 considerably further down the road. It is in the intervening time that the Alpinestars Scouts do me a world of favors; from the initial impact through a good portion of the slide, the bike’s weight has been resting on my ankle. To quote a bowl of petunias, “Oh no, not again.”

Reviewed: MotoOverland Top Rack

The standard top rack that comes on the back of your KTM 950/990 Adventure or Super Enduro may fit with the look of the bike, but it’s not overly useful.  Face it, there’s a battle to be fought even attaching KTM’s own tail bag to the thing, which is where the Moto Overland Top Rack comes in.

“Go To” Gear: Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon Gloves Reviewed

Yep, I know that the Alpinestars SMX-2 Air Carbon Gloves are meant for street riding, but I’m keen on the extra protection offered in comparison to the majority of off-road offerings. Add good ventilation, and the SMX-2 has become my go to glove for hard adventure.