Broken – 3: Turbulence

“We’ve canceled beverage service for this flight due to turbulence”, the pilot announces. For the duration of the flight the twin-turbo prop is batted around by the wind like a cat toying with a mouse. My broken left clavicle moves in ways that are wrong… I should have made a more concerted effort to find the painkillers back in SeaTac.

Broken – 2: Ambulance

Perhaps you consider yourself jeopardy friendly, a risk taker, an extremist? If so might I suggest a new undertaking, because no matter how hardcore you are, you are squat compared to a volunteer Mexican ambulance driver.

Broken – 1: Snapped

“There’s some ruts,” comes Kevin’s voice over the Interphone F5 communicator. We’ve done the tough stuff, and right now we are riding from the Panaderia to the beach with a brown bag of fresh baked goods for breakfast. I divert my attention from Kevin riding ahead to the road directly in front of me. I look up, and it all goes wrong.