One Day Expedition: Indian Arm

Outdoor enthusiasts rebel and circumvent a government “wall” blocking access to crown land in a failed attempt to protect transplanted Roosevelt Elk. The result is the opening of the Indian River Forest Service Road, an excellent and challenging One Day Expedition out of Squamish, BC.


2013 Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring – Urban Mode or What the Doctor Ordered

Ducati’s marketing says the Multistrada 1200 S Touring is four bikes in one, and each mode matches a riding progression in my recovery from this spring’s broken collarbone. Seems a good excuse for a series of mini-reviews covering the Urban, Touring, Sport and (maybe) Enduro modes as I reacquaint myself with riding. 2013 Ford Explorer Sport Review – A Family Express to More Interesting Parenting

With a collarbone still mending and unable to ride Neil, pretends to be a family man and reviews the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport for… “In the canyon turns the 2013 Ford Explorer Sport, a huge dreadnaught-class piece of American muscle and swank, is making gains on the motorcycle ahead. Here, I conclude that this performance SUV will never grace the cover of better parenting magazines – this is family hauling weaponized.”
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Touratech Test – 2013 BMW R1200GS

Well, actually Touratech CEO and adventure rider, Herbert Schwarz, talks a lot about Touratech accessories and very little about the bike, so we’ll just jump the video to that good bit.

Amarok Racing : Why Less is More

At 150kg/330.7lbs ready to race the Canadian made Amarok is a pretty svelte beast of an elective bike. Filmed in the winter of 2012 inside the 140 year old barn where the Amarok P1 was born, co-founders Michael Uhlarik and Kevin O’Neil explain the philosophy behind the design, and the Amarok Racing team.

New Ducati Hypermotard – License to Thrill

Nicky Hayden spices up a date with yet another supermodel, by sneaking out with Ducati’s new 2013 Hypermotard. How that boy must suffer… from Ducati marketing’s slightly cheesy scripts. Still the new Hypermotard steals the show; with 20 more bhp and 9lbs less weight than the outgoing, air-cooled 1100s.

Conquering the Commute: Riding to Work

With gas prices continuing to climb and free time being a limited and cherished resource, riding a motorcycle to work just makes good sense. Check out these points below to see how and why to make motorcycle commuting work for you.

Puma, Ducati and Kink: Call it “Marketing Play”

As any of the leather chaps and jacket cruiser set knows, there’s a fine and uncomfortable line between motorcycle gear and what’s worn in the local fetish scene. Now, Puma’s Ducati Gear has made the jump from metrosexual to kink… And, from a marketing perspective that’s not a bad thing. 2013 R1200GS Review

While it’s not going to win points for cinematography, has posted a video review of the 2013 liquid… Er, “Precision” cooled BMW R1200GS.