Rally Raid Products UK – KTM 690 Enduro Tank Kit Review – Updated

Fuel; complain about paying for it, but not having enough is when it becomes a real pain. Especially in backwoods BC, where choosing the fun routes means gas stops are few and far between. By far we mean further than a KTM 690 Enduro R’s 12L stock tanks will carry you. Enter the Rally Raid Products UK Tank Kit, or the 9.5 litre solution for extending the range of our KTM 690 Hard Adventure R project.

KTM “Hard Adventure” 690 Enduro R Project: Protective Thoughts

I’ve just come back from a shake down ride to Mt. Baker and back, and the KTM 690 Enduro R travel 260km with fuel to spare, which is further than my ass is willing to go in a single sitting on the stock seat. That range is thanks to the install of the Rally-Raid Products Tanks Kit (expect a full review and video of the install in coming weeks) and MotoMethod.com, who provided the shop space and tools for the install. Still, the issue of wind protection on longer rides like the run to Baker is a concern.

KTM “Hard Adventure” 690 Enduro R Project – Range

At 206km the engine sputters, then dies on an uphill 18kms from the nearest gas in Tulameen. It’s not a shock or surprise, I’ve been waiting for the KTM 690 Enduro R to run dry for some time now. Exactly how long I’m unsure, the R’s the dash is resetting with every shut down of…

The KTM “Hard Adventure” 690 Enduro R Project

I have seen the light.  Smaller, lighter and harder is better, especially as our adventure destinations take us further afield.  In reality though small adventure bikes aren’t common in the size-queen driven “bigger is better” North American market. So we’re going to build one… the KTM “Hard Adventure” 690 Enduro R.