California Cycleworks HM69 Extended Range Hypermotard Fuel Tank – Priceless

It’s hard to get anywhere when a your Ducati Hypermotard 1100 is sucking fumes after 110 kms (70 miles) of full-on frolic. Luckily, California Cycleworks offers a solution, the 22.2L (6.4 US Gal) HM69 fuel tank, and if you invest in one accessory to transform your Hypermotard from “toy to tool”, this is it.

Here’s the most important number – 325 km (200 miles) of range (depending on throttle application), which makes the world your playground (even occasionally the unpaved bits). The other pragmatic number, is that you should expect to be charged about 3-4 hours of labour for the install. I you chose to install the tank yourself, double that figure, as you work your way though the comprehensive instructions and a few stress reducing beverages. If you’re mechanically inclined the install is fairly straight forwards, if you’re not you’re better off having a shop handle it.

Due to the rotational molding manufacturing method used for the HM69 tank, there’s not 100% conformity to specifications in the tank’s shape, so fitting may very slightly from unit to unit. For our install the screws mounting the front coil were slightly off parallel and required a bit of forcing – not so much as to strip them or be worrisome though. Also, we needed to trim the base of the comfort seat to accommodate the battery, which rests on its side following the tank’s mounting – a step that wasn’t covered in the instructions. That bit depends on whether you’re equipped with a stock or comfort seat, and would be assisted by a dremel tool – an act that’s not for the squeamish then. It’s important to note that this is only a problem on earlier tanks, California Cycleworks has since moved the battery down a bit, so currently selling tanks don’t require any radical under-seat surgery.

Appearance wise you’ll need to look hard to notice the difference between a HM69 equipped bike, and one running the stock tank. The tell tale sign are the two cone air-filters mounted to the intakes, replacing the discarded airbox whose space is now used for fuel storage.

The loss of the airbox isn’t detrimental to the Hypermotard’s character. Power development seems very slightly softened (using the seat of the pants dyno) and throttle response with the stock exhaust is vaguely smoother. You may miss the resonance of the intake honk when pulling on the throttle, but you can still play this bike like a Peter Franpton guitar solo.

The extra fuel, of course, increases the Hypermotard’s weight and that will require you to bump the preload front and back. We also added a quarter turn of compression up front, one click or rear rebound, and reduced the rear ride height to get the handling back on track. Owners know the Hypermotard can be finicky about suspension settings and are likely familiar with tuning to personal taste for best handling.

Of course the big question with the latest round of Hypermotard introductions namely the 796 and 1100 EVO is whether the HM69 tank will fit. We’re pleased to relay from California Cycleworks that it will. Given the expected fuel economy of the 796, that’s a recipe for an Energizer Bunny of Hypermotards – it just keeps going… and going… and going.

There’s a plethora of accessories available for the Hypermotard 1100, but ultimately the California Cycleworks HM69 fuel tank is the most transformative for a road rider. It eliminates the constant strategic game and worry over your Hypermotard’s next gas stop, and solving the bikes big problem of short range. The California Cycleworks HM69 may cost $799 USD, but the value to the Hypermotrad road rider is priceless.

California Cycleworks HM69 fuel tank:
Price: $799 USD MSRP
Expected Labour for shop install: 3-4 hours
Value: Priceless



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