Review: Rev’It! Apache H20 Boots

Revit Apache

These boots are made for walking.

For my own meagre off road skills, I want a boot that isn’t as “full on” as a motocross boot, yet serves the off road premise a bit better than my street boots. I want a waterproof boot. Here in Auckland, we get four seasons in one day and I don’t like wet feet. I want a dual sport boot that I can walk in. I want a boot I don’t look out of place in when stopping between gravel roads at a remote cafe. Until the Rev’it! Apache H20, I think I would have been searching for awhile. The word Hybrid is coming up more and more these days. It’s probably the only time you’ll see it used in PACWIT due to the fact the other forms of hybrid aren’t as interesting as the Hybrid boot Rev’it! has made. The Apache is what happens when you combine a hiking boot, a sport boot, a motocross boot, and a pair of cross trainers. Not only is the function a mix of each category, but the appearance as well.

And that’s just what they’ll do

The outside of the Apache is comprised of full grain leather, suede leather and pampas leather. I’m sure there is a functional and logical reason for the union of the three leathers, yet its hard to look beyond the marriage of all these materials. In addtion, the appeal is applified by the construction of the shift guards and soles; impeccably stitched and even double stitched in areas. Nothing looks haphazard or out of place. Another thing I noticed is the tag says “Made in the EU” which is a nice little bonus. The boots actually emit an aura of high quality. They turn heads faster than the championship match at Wimbledon.
One of these days

These aren’t runway designed boots, they look more like something out of Mad Max but with a bit more sophistication. In my opinion makes these prettier than anything a Parisian designer could muster up. Even if at first you aren’t with me on that opinion, look again, then again. Then perhaps go away, eat something, watch some mind numbing TV, then look again. They will grow on you in a way that no inanimate object should.

These boots

My only complaint is that the toe area feels fat in these boots. They fit my feet perfectly, but I just feel its a bit snug between the peg and shifter on three different bikes. I got over this in about half a day. With that small word of warning aside, the fit is spot on. I tend to fit either a 42 or 43 as I am on that borderline size. The 42 fits my toes like a… well… a toe glove? Your shins, ankles, and toes feel snug and protected. The cut of the boot is happy with pants being tucked in or over the boot. Its nice to have the option depending on your riding style.

Are gonna walk all over you.

The Apache’s job is not only to keep water out, but use it’s shin protectors, hardened ankle protectors, and toe protectors to keep you safe. They accomplish all of the above but aren’t intrusive as they are sewn into the Rev’IT hydrate liner. Revit has included a nice touch with some highly reflective patches on the back of the boots. While probably not offering protection on the same level as a high end dedicated off road boot, the Apache is perfect for the dual sport or adventure touring rider eager to follow the Proclaimers.

Alright, Ready boots?

The soles on the Apache say “skywalk” on them. Does this mean they are endorsed by a Jedi Knight or some form of cushiony comfortable sole? Either way, the wearer is the winner. These are great soles that feel almost like a hiking boot, and the grip to match! The grip these boots had on the off road style pegs of a DR650, or the more “rubbery” pegs of a KTM SDR were nothing short of spectacular. They are oil and dirt resistant as well, bet you can’t resist putting that claim to the test!

Keep Walking.

One thing I noticed that was interesting about the Apache’s was how easy they are to clean after a dirt filled day of riding. A squirt of water and a quick wipe off, and they’re ready to rest in the closet until the next trans-continental (or trans neighbourhood) adventure.


If you do any fire roads, dirt roads, or just want the look. Run and grab a pair of these boots. Get the “fat toe” feeling out of your system and do your worst to them. Please, please email us some photos of your dirt encrusted Revit Apache boots!


Compatible with any rider that has feet. Any road that has dirt.


This is like the hummer of motorcycle boots, no doubt they’ll last a long time.


sum it up we have boots with hiking boot soles, running shoe cushioning, quasi off road boot protection, and grey adventure styling. They are priced reasonable high at a MSRP $329.00 USD, but they are in the realm of the BMW Santiago boots. Meaning they are excellent value for money. Mine are in the closet as I’m writing this, and I can’t wait for the next chance to go get them dirty.


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