Giant Loop MoJavi Saddlebag Review

The MoJavi Saddlebag from Giant Loop is a smaller day bag version of the Oregon based company’s already popular Great Basin and Coyote Saddlebags. The Mojavi was designed to lighten the load off your back by placing the essentials needed for your ride on your dualsport or dirt bike.

The MoJavi with it’s 10.5 liters has plenty of room for all your tools, tubes , extra MSR canisters of fuel, and a snack or two to get you through a day on the trail. Getting it on the bike is simple and takes only a couple of minutes , with a simple adjustment of the straps on the sub-frame the MoJavi quickly attaches to the rear plastic of my Husaberg 550FE. The fitment though is versatile enough for near any dual-sport or dirt bike.

Having filled the MoJavi with my essential for the day, off to the trails I went. Over multiple rides, the MoJavi has stayed in place never coming off or getting in my way, kept things dry, even in rain and a few deep water crossings. Confronted with the rapid learning curve of riding with a group of experienced local dirt riders, my single-track experience includes finding myself on the ground, falling and dropping the bike too numerous times to mention.

What’s taking the brunt of this punishment, and cushioning the bike, is the side pouches of the MoJavi which are proving their high quality Bomb Shell proof construction. Despite my pulverizing it, there isn’t a scratch on the Mojavi and the zippers and seams are still flawless. So that’s durability sorted, and that the bag stays in place is no small bonus too.

Additionally, if you need more storage there are loops you could strap a small dry bag to. A useful feature for those who only occasionally extend beyond a day ride, and cant justify stepping up to the MoJavi’s big brother, the Coyote.

Still having recently dialed up the preload on the ‘Berg, I’m finding that throwing a leg over the bike will occasionally find me hung up on the bag, but that’s going to happen with any tail pack. Really there are precious few improvements I could suggest, beyond the ability to unzip the pack section and only run with the side panniers.

The MoJavi has freed me of the dreaded backpack and its convenience and durability have made it a mandatory accessory for my enduro dayrides. Giant Loop gets a two thumbs up! And I highly recommend the Mojavi for any off road, dualsport or day trip in your future.

The MoJavi Saddlebag is available at (in Canada) – $219.99 Canadian
GiantLoop – $199.00 US

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