One Day Expedition: Indian Arm

Outdoor enthusiasts rebel and circumvent a government “wall” blocking access to crown land in a failed attempt to protect transplanted Roosevelt Elk. The result is the opening of the Indian River Forest Service Road, an excellent and challenging One Day Expedition out of Squamish, BC.

Blowdown Pass: Expedition in an Afternoon

“I don’t think we’re making it through that,” is Mark Binstead’s first response surveying the tricky re-mix of terrain slopped across the Forest Service Road (FSR) to Blowdown Pass, one of the most accessible alpine back entrances to BC’s famous Stein Valley, ahead of us. Composed of rock, trees, branches, mud, top soil and other debris set atop a base layer of compacted snow and ice, at first glance the slide looks impassible. The statement gives me pause, a rider whose selection of routes and honed dirt skills have constantly pushed Kevin’s and my off-road bounds, Mark is not a man who turns back easily.