Electronic Assistance Off-Road – Defeating the Purpose?

I’ve just come from testing the Yamaha Super Tenere, and I’ll admit it, I found the non-defeat-able ABS (Anti-lock Braking System) uncongenial to off-road. The same goes for the traction control if you forget to turn it off. Which raises the question, if these safety systems and aids have the opposite effect on gravel, is there a way bike companies could better spend the resources they represent?

Kudos to the Ride Lake Superior Campaign

You’ve got to give kudos to the Algoma Kinniwabi Travel Association for their Ride Lake Superior advertising campaign encouraging motorcyclists to the area. The site features a map section, with multiple circle tours of the area, highlighting accommodations and essential services for motorcyclists – accommodations, food, gas and motorcycle shops.

Death Valley: Core, Not Too Hard (GPX Included)

This spring, thanks to a rainy season, Death Valley became the driest destination in California for motorcycle adventure media; many of whom touted Death Valley as the upper end of intrepid Adventure. Looking at Mic Cumming, a long time street rider with a number of dirt outings countable on an amputee’s hand, we can’t help but think the hardcore context these outlets are giving to Death Valley might be harming the destinations adventure approachability.

BC’s Backroads: Rural Destinations Gain the Edge

One of the key focuses of the wordily titled document Gaining the Edge: A Five-year Strategy for Tourism in British Columbia 2012 – 2016 from the Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation is the promotion of BC’s rural areas. At the moment I couldn’t agree more. Taking a new adventure convert out for a spin we’ve found a sand practice area, none of our group of four knew existed. While the new adventurist is seeing BC with an entirely novel sense of freedom, we’ve been reminded just how diverse our province is.

Farewell to a Trail: Cheakamus Canyon

This is a farewell to one of the enduro riding trails where I cut my dirt riding teeth. Conveniently located off Highway 99, the Cheakamus Canyon trail offered excitement, challenge and just a hint of danger. Inevitably, it’s been dumbed down as part of the Sea to Sky Trail, connecting the communities from Squamish to D’Arcy.

This is my KLR – An Adventure Riding Sentiment

YouTuber HalfThrottle has an adventure bike sentiment that we can probably all get behind. Sure the video happens to be about his KLR, but we all have our bikes and if we’re lucky they hold a special place in our hearts and take us on grand adventures.

The Art Behind the Visor: Icon Artist – Lukas Ketner

Given my resume marks out about five years as a storyboard and comic book artist, it’s nice to gain insight into how an artist like Icon’s Lukas Ketner found success in the motorcycle industry. From his penning of Icon’s “urban” helmet design and promotional materials you’d expect a tattooed badass, what you find in this video is rather different and insightful.

The Insider: Are Two-Strokes Plateable in BC and Alberta?

@Shuether on Twitter asked, “@NeilJohnston do you know if any of the KTM XC-W 2t series are plateable in AB or BC? The [Husky] WR300 is, so it would be an awesome trail weapon!” I didn’t have immediate knowledge of the issue so we quickly e-mailed the Insider for an answer.

Multistrada 1200 S Long-Termer: Upgrades at 7500km

Against our better advertising sales judgement, we’ve been honest about the problems we’ve encountered with our Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring (MTS 1200). As an eternal optimist though, I’ve felt a swell of anticipation dropping the bike off to Vancouver Ducati BMW for a slew of recalls and upgrades. If there’s a major quirk or…

Fish Lake, Long Form Journalism and the Amazon Kindle Singles Experiment

The first review of our first Amazon Kindle Single, “Last Chance to Ride: Fish Lake”, is in, and if the printer were working I’d frame it. An Amazon’s Kindle Single is a short eBook, and potentially the salvation of long-form journalism as magazine’s continue to slide into decline. How they work and the opportunities they offer both writers and readers are quite brilliant, and point to the future of independent journalism.

Ducati Launches “DUCATI COMMUNITY” Social Network

Allow me a moment of cynicism. Perhaps, I’ve reached a point of over-connection through my Twitter, FaceBook and ADVRider accounts, but do we really need another social network to divert our attention from riding? Ducati thinks so, and I’ll admit after a few days toying with DucatiCommunity.com, which runs on the Kontain social network platform,…