The Insider: Are Two-Strokes Plateable in BC and Alberta?

Photo Credit: Mitterbauer H.
@Shuether on Twitter asked, “@NeilJohnston do you know if any of the KTM XC-W 2t series are plateable in AB or BC? The [Husky] WR300 is, so it would be an awesome trail weapon!”

I didn’t have immediate knowledge of the issue so we quickly e-mailed an industry insider for an answer:

The KTM 2-Stoke Models cannot be plated or registered for street use in any province. In Alberta they have an off road registration system in which the government issues a all terrain vehicle plate which is required to be fixed to the bike, but this is not for street use. It is a method of registration when operating the vehicles on crown or public lands where permitted. I also believe there is a third part liability insurance policy attached to this registration.
There have been some individuals who has been successful registering their units in BC and obtaining a “Street Plate”, but that depends on the knowledge of the staff in the insurance office at the time of their visit. However, if these plated bikes were to be pulled over by either the Police or a DOT officer and the owner instructed to have the unit inspected based on the officers suspicion of the units non-conformity to regulations it would fail and the plate would be revoked.
This is true not just on 2 stoke models, but any converted dirt bike from any brand that was not initially approved as street legal. It is just easier for a Police officer to identify a 2-stroke model, and therefore pull it over and request an inspection.

This isn’t legal advice, and incase it leads to any hassles we’ll keep the Insider anonymous. This also doesn’t constitute an official response, but it does provide insight into the state of insurance in AB and BC and can help guide dirt bike purchasers in these provinces.


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  1. jobark says:

    Italian bikes are like the Jeckle and Hyde of the motorcycle world.You never know when the buitiful machine will turn into an unreliable,nasty beast that will leave you stranded.The more electronic bullshit they fit to them the less chance they have of selling me another one.At least they give sone of them names that suit thier temperament.The Monster and now The Devil.Very appropriate.


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