Kudos to the Ride Lake Superior Campaign

You’ve got to give kudos to the Algoma Kinniwabi Travel Association for their Ride Lake Superior advertising campaign encouraging motorcyclists to the area. The site features a map section, with multiple circle tours of the area, highlighting accommodations and essential services for motorcyclists – accommodations, food, gas and motorcycle shops.

The initiative is a telling nod towards the tourism dollars motorcyclists bring to their destinations. Unfortunately the campaign is dripping with the stale language of Harley-Davidson cruiser-ism with references to “polish your chrome” and “your tricked out steed” and a video set to a grinding sound-alike rock track. The message, so set, is likely missing motorcycling fastest and most consistently growing demographic – the adventure market. Nor is the site particularly navigable from a user interface perspective. The critical information is there however, the packaging and over message welcome, and steeped in a call back to an audience who remember painful childhood road trips of 1970s… establishing the age demographic clearly.

Still it’s refreshing to see a tourism advertising campaign like Ride Lake Superior embracing moto-culture. Now, if only the Algoma Kinniwabi Travel Association were to add some dual-sport and adventure routes, then area would provided a comprehensive and attractive destination leading the way for moto-tourism in Canada.

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  1. wb5plj says:

    Ironically given the tone of the video, No Harley’s shown. two adventure type bikes, and what I suspect was a sport tourer.


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