Light Adventure on BC’s Sunshine Coast

B.C.’s Sunshine coast is no stranger to riders… as a ribbon of slow moving brake lights. Great food, great accommodations, a good measure of adventure of course. And bikes… Used bikes as the guys from OneWheelDrive.Net take some used KTM 640 Adventures out for a spin. Read the Full Story Here


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  1. Chris says:

    Looks great, guys. Nice job.

    What camera were you using on the bikes?


  2. DJB says:

    Big thumbs up! Hoping to do a loop through that area next summer…


  3. Oh I love that part of BC, no better way to see it then a AV though, BC has so much untouched land!


  4. truckman1 says:

    I hear that there is a route from Gibsons to Squamish without the ferry, have you heard of any?


    1. To my knowledge no, there is one final water crossing outside of Squamish that is near to impossible.


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