Gear that Sucks: AXO Q6 Waterproof Touring Boots Review

The name says it all, really, “waterproof”… or in this case not in the slightest. Spotting a deal on Axo’s entry level “Waterproof Touring Boots”, I read the reviews, pay-pal’ed up and received a set of Q6’s.

The Q6‘s on paper look like a bargain, and there is little to recommend them beyond price.

A Ballistic strength Nylon upper is combined with an accordion style stretch instep and heel panel, so the boot is flexible and easy to walk in. Therre’s adequate shin and ankle protection. The fit is good, though the Q6’s size large.

After that it all goes off plot. The instep uses an Aluminum buckle and a “high strength” ratchet style strap with a frail plastic D-ring as the catch. The boots don’t fit close to the shin, so you’re required to put a pant-leg in them to fill them out, allowing moisture to wick in from above. And we’re not sure about the “rugged synthetics” as after a season’s use, consisting of 5,000kms and one touring ride, the Q6’s are breaking down.

Oh, and don’t forget that “AXO Watertech™ lining”. While the left boot stayed relatively dry for about an hour of torrential “cow floating rain”, the right gave up immediately and opened the flood gates like a B-Movie disaster. If it weren’t for the warmth coming off our tester R1200GS Adventure’s cylinder heads, the ride would have been a cold, wet and miserable affair.

Unless you’re riding in the dry only, the AXO Q6’s are best left in the bargain bin. – $169.99 US – $127.99 US


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  1. Icon says:

    Sounds like u need some of the new patrol gear!


  2. Peter says:

    Thanks for ‘keeping it real’, Neil. Bad reviews are probably more important to me than good ones. I appreciate your honest opinion.


    1. It’s seldom I run across a product that just outright fails. What got me is all the “reviews” on the sales sites were very positive.


  3. jobark says:

    I saw a similar looking pair of boots on Star Trek. I think the company stole the design and renamed them AXO Q6 . Way too many joints and seams to ever be completely waterproof.


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