Multistrada 1200 S Feedback Fills the Gaps

Reviewing is constrained by time and word count, which leads to gaps in evaluations no matter how thorough you try to be. Luckily, we’ve a couple standout commenters join the conversation following our Multistrada 1200 S review.

The review is as comprehensive as we could make it, indeed we needed to break it into two parts, but a couple of important elements were missing. What is the new Multistrada 1200 S like crossing a continent? What’s the bike like two up? Then the strength of internet media came into play, and answered these questions.

Two readers and riders, Jock and Cat, stepped up to fill the gaps with great writing style in the comments section. I encourage you strongly to read the comments following the MTS 1200 S review. I’d also like to say how pleased I am with the caliber of this conversation and that I look forwards to more.

That is the strength of a ‘new media’ outlet like OneWheelDrive.Net, reviews, articles and videos are only a oneway broadcast if you choose them to be. The comments section is moderated to keep out spam and hate, but at any time you’re welcome to join the conversation through the site or via twitter or YouTube. So if you’ve questions, thoughts or contributions don’t hesitate to drop a 140-characters, a video or an e-mail.
– Neil

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  1. Borgnine says:

    Sounds like an amazing bike, but I find all that technology somewhat daunting….No doubt all that stuff is EXTREMELY expensive to repair once the warranty period is over.


    1. Probably almost as pricy as a Honda VFR V-Tec valve service 😉 On the whole though most of the tech here is pretty well proven. It will be interesting to see how the bikes endure proper adventure/touring use and what the repair costs are.


  2. Eric says:

    Your review convinced me to go test ride the new Multi last Saturday. All I can say is wow. It’s by far and away the best all around street bike I’ve ever ridden. I was planning on keeping my KTM 990 Adventure until Brammo can get their electric bikes get up to a 200+ mile range, but now I’m not so sure. I haven’t been able to get the new Multi out of my head. That v-twin is simply epic. By far and away the best street engine I’ve ever had the pleasure of riding; usable power at virtually all RPM’s. I also simply couldn’t believe how refined Ducati has gotten over the last 5 years. I had an S4R Monster a few years ago and this bike is night and day different. I was truly shocked to see how smooth Ducati has gotten with their transmissions. Im my opinion this is now the best all-around bike on the market.


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