Teiz Motorsports Ventura Jacket Review – Quality Offering, Bargain Price

The Teiz Motorsports’ Ventura is a 5/8th length motorcycle touring jacket, so where are we putting it though it’s paces? The Baja and neighborhood, which should evaluate this handsome garment’s touring and adventure credentials.

We decided on hi-viz yellow for our Teiz Venturas, reckoning that one can never be to visible on or off road. Luckily, there has been no need to test that theory or the jacket’s CE spec armor. Given that we were approximately seven weeks on the road, the zippered, heavy plastic garment bags, proper plastic hangers saw no use either, but they were a nice professional touch to the shipping.

Fit wise the Ventura is a nice snug sporting cut, so it doesn’t turn you into the Staypuffed Marshmellow man. The jacket also fits to size, which, along with the sizing chart (http://teizms.com/comparisons-charts) takes the gambling out of internet orders. One key feature of the cut is ample arm length, which ensures your wrists are covered in the reach for the bars. In reality, you need to step up to some of Alpinestars’ or BMW’s textile products to get a fit this good.

This is a three-layer jacket system, with the outer shell providing armor, venting and protection. Under that is a light and breathable inner “Drench Quench” liner providing water resistance. Finally, the inner most layer, is a “Polar Protection 100g thermal liner” for warmth that lives up to it’s name… provided that by polar you mean about 5 degrees Celsius. The layers can be a bit fiddly to zip in and out, but that’s a small price to pay for the versatility. It also means that on dry cool days you can leave the “Drench Quench” out, because while it is breathable it still does eventually capture clammy condensation.

The Ventura doesn’t claim to be 100% waterproof, but will take a couple hours of riding in moderate rain to soak through. Even then you are dealing with a creeping dampness rather than a flood.

Wear wise the only issue after 8,500km of riding is that the loops used to clip the arms in place at the end of the cuffs have torn free. Ok, there is a significant amount of Mexican mud that has yet to be washed out, but you need some keepsakes from a great trip.

There are some enhancements that could benefit the Teiz Motorsport, but given the initial price point of $219.00 or the current special of $99.00 USD they are surprisingly few. The pocket stretching across the small of the jacket’s back could use an extra button or fastener to keep it from deforming under all but the most minor of loads. A water resistant zipper would be a good addition to the main closure, and the vents (which do sport water resistant zips) could benefit from extra or double fold coverage like a number of adventure jackets on the market.

What really grabs you isn’t just the build quality of the Ventura though, but the number of well thought out details missed on higher priced jackets. The pockets are water-tight in all but the most inclement of weather. There’s nice soft finishing with around the cuffs and neck so chaffing isn’t an issue. There are nine reflective stripes in total, ensuring nighttime visibility. Adding to the jacket’s weather-tight credentials there’s a hood in the collar that can be unrolled and worn under your helmet. A feature that keeps your neck dry and warm even as the wind and rain lashes you.

At the opposite extreme, pull the liners out, open the vents and the Ventura offers great airflow for rides in tropical climates.

In total the Teiz Motorsports’ Ventura Jacket is an amazing value given its combination of low price point (currently $99.00) and features often only found on mid to high-end motorcycle apparel at three times the cost. For relatively dry environments, or short to long-haul tours this is one to pull off the rack and put on your back.

Teiz Motorsports Ventura Jacket Page
Price: $99.00 US

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  1. Chris Woods says:

    Service is lacking. I tried to buy a Ventura three weeks ago for $99, and I got am email stating that they were out of stock. Lead time was six weeks, but I was willing to wait. Price is only good for what is in stock. Tried another one ghat was only 48hr lead, and got the same email. Basically, they only are advertising a $99 jacket, but won’t sell you one. False advertisement!


    1. Chris,
      I’m out of office for a week, but will fire on an e-mail expressing your concerns.


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