Conquering the Commute: Riding to Work

With gas prices continuing to climb and free time being a limited and cherished resource, riding a motorcycle to work just makes good sense. Check out these points below to see how and why to make motorcycle commuting work for you. 2013 R1200GS Review

While it’s not going to win points for cinematography, has posted a video review of the 2013 liquid… Er, “Precision” cooled BMW R1200GS.

The Form of Adventure Bikes and the One Week Review

Our late return of Triumph’s Tiger 800 XC (video) reveals more than a pattern of constant truancy and tardiness, it provides commentary on the form of adventure bikes and the nature of testing them compared to other types of motorcycle.

Triumph Tiger 800 XC and Tiger Explorer 1200 Review: Cat Video

The Tiger 800 XC and Tiger Explorer 1200 are a direct attack on BMW’s F800GS Siegfried and R1200GS Roy, but the Triumphs are well capable of standing on their own merits. That raises another question, which big cat to take home? OneWheelDrive.Net puts the two Tigers to the test to find out, in our take on that standard internet meme – the cat video.

Battle-Scarred – The Icon Variant Battlescar Helmet

The Triumph Tiger 800 XC’s front tire hits a ridge under the fine silt dust and washes out to the left. There is no warning, no chance to correct, only my plowing sideways off the bike towards a large rock and a gate post, while the Triumph flops to its side. The rear spoiler of the Icon Variant Battlescar Helmet connects with the rock, absorbing the impact and leaving the shell unscathed.

Snow Small Adventure – Triumph Tiger 800 XC versus the Seasons

Forget what the Earth’s position around the sun says, judging by the encroachment of the snowline down the Vancouver’s North Shore Mountains, we’re facing the onset of winter on the West coast. That makes each ride a rarity, sparking in the firmament of suicidal-gray skies, a colour achieved in a tedium of dark and rainfall. The drizzle starts at Squamish, making the rocks slick under the Tiger 800 XC’s rear Heidenau K60. Shod in Pirelli MT-21s and significantly lighter, Bart’s KTM 690 Enduro R scampers ahead with the ride’s instigator astride.

Powaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaar! Versus Pow-pow-pow-power Makes it Go

Twisting the throttle on Triumph’s Tiger 800 XC and in slightly greasy mud the rear end swings around, same as in loose gravel and dusty silt. This defining trait of the Tiger has me considering the difference in power development between singles and twins versus inline threes and fours, and what that means for off-pavement riders and motorcycle designers.

Yamaha Super Tenere – Solid Efforts

OneWheelDrive.Net tests Yamaha’s Super Tenere, a bike conceived by the Japanese brand as an answer to BMW’s R1200GS, but does the Super Ten make the cut as an adventure bike? And, what is its biggest strength in going up against the BMW?