2013 R1200GS Review

While it’s not going to win points for cinematography, has posted a video review of the 2013 liquid… Er, “Precision” cooled BMW R1200GS. With this ground-up redesign everything has changed, but (for the most part) incrementally. So while there’s a lot of places for the R1200GS to potentially go wrong, the 2013 is still a definite upgrade according to the video.

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  1. Dan says:



  2. advgrrls says:

    Kind of a boring video but thorough. Now you make a video…you are much more animated with better cinematography.


  3. Jeff Katzer says:

    “not going to win points for cinematography” sadly, very true. Of course, it has to be compared to your outstanding videos and clearly doesn’t stand a chance. Party on


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