The Wilderness Collective – Reclaiming Manliness Through Catering

Celebrating the manliness of adventure motorcycling with craft cocktails and artisan food awaiting you at camp seems a bit incongruous, but that’s what the “Wilderness Collective – Legendary Adventures for Men” offers up. Perhaps the outing sounded more masculine at the time, “Hey, Tex, those gin and tonics with the cheese plate by the camp fire look the like the ones the Marlboro Man did up on our last cattle drive.”

What is important is these boys got out into the world, and while the Wilderness Collective may not win on the manliness factor, this ride appears to be a really nice kind and gentle introduction to adventure and dualsport motorcycling. Unfortunately, the outing has tied itself to a hugely sexist marketing hook. At least it is unintentionally humorous, indeed we spent the first half of the video trying to decide if it was a send up or not.

At least, a few participants are wearing body armour under their Sierra Designs Parkas for the gruelling 100 mile plus days. Maybe, the gear will shield their fragile male egos next time they head out with a mixed group of dirt riders, and experience the world though a more inclusive lens.


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  1. jon says:

    their site says ‘domain expired’ not a good sign


  2. Kelsow says:

    Very, very well put. Not a whole lot of “adventure” can be had with a support truck and gourmet dinners waiting for you.
    They even had lights at the campfire. WTF? “gruelling 100 mile day” hahaha

    It was nicely shot however.


  3. James says:

    Nicely shot video with plenty of product placement for Icon. The comment about “who had the best gear” made me crack up since they’re all wearing the same kit. In the end it comes off as a male hipster get-together while the girls were having a spa weekend in Seattle.


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