Reconnecting with Canada: Webisode 8

Joe & Flora finish their Albertan visit at the Ukranian cultural village. Then it’s time to ride through Saskatchewan and it’s vast spaces. From there they visit Flin Flon Manitoba, and onward north to Thompson. Boasting painted wolves and an amazing nickel mine, Thompson entertains and educates the traveling duo.

Reconnecting With Canada: Webisode 7 – The Albertan Way..

Joe & Flora explore Alberta in more detail. Stopping to gaze at grazers and stepping back to stream powered thrashers, they make their way to Lesser Slave Lake in time for Canada Day. Then it’s on to Alberta’s capitol for some touring.

Reconnecting With Canada: Episode 6 – Alberta’s Gorgeous North

Joe & Flora enter northern Alberta and find themselves discovering interesting heritage and people on all fronts. From Historic Dunvegan, they meet a First Nation’s elder, a mennonite village, and one amazing blacksmith’s shop. Of course what’s a visit to Alberta without a bit of cowboy fun as well!

Reconnecting with Canada: Episode 5 – Goodbye My Yukon

Joe & Flora Lloyd leave the Yukon to head down the Alaskan Highway to Mile “0” in Dawson Creek. Along the way they stop in picturesque Muncho Lake, and the packed to the rafters Fort Nelson Museum. They conclude where so much of the Northern regions’ modern history began, in Dawson Creek.

Reconnecting with Canada: Episode 4 – Dead Man’s Toe

Joe & Flora travel the Yukon Territory in the fourth installment of Reconnecting with Canada, the web-series. From sled dogs, giant cinnamon buns, a dead man’s toe, to some of the most astounding scenery the duo have every seen. The Yukon is an amazing experience, best left described in HD video.

Reconnecting with Canada: Episode 3

Joe & Flora Lloyd are continuing north. In this webisode they experience the beautiful Nass Valley and the local Nisga’a people. Then it’s the famous Cassiar highway carrying them towards the Yukon; between master carvers, master jade workers, monster mosquitoes, and a thunder storm there’s plenty to experience.

Reconnecting with Canada: Episode 2

Joe & Flora Lloyd begin the first stretch of their reconnecting journey on Canada’s mainland. Starting their push north they follow the gold rush trail, ghost towns, and eventually one of BC’s oldest european settlements. This episode of RWC sees the duo exploring some of BC’s excellent historical venues.

Reconnecting with Canada: Vancouver Island

Joe & Flora Lloyd start their journey across Canada on Vancouver Island. Joined by the crew of OneWheelDrive, the Lloyds do quick exploration and enjoy the Vancouver Island weather. From ferry rides, to mazes, surf beaches, and rain forests Vancouver Island is the perfect place for the Curbsyde crew to get their feet wet.

Reconnecting with Canada – Prologue Join Joe & Flora Lloyd on a 3 month, 30,000+ kilometer journey across their native land of Canada. After eight years overseas their mission is to explore and reconnect with their place of birth. Reconnecting with Canada is a weekly web series starting June 8, 2010.

Reconnecting With Canada Announced

Curbsyde Productions and OneWheelDrive.Net are pleased to announce production on their new feature series “Reconnecting with Canada” (RWC) Reconnecting with Canada is a feature series showcasing Joe & Flora Lloyd: expat Canadians returning home after 8 years. RWC promises to be larger, deeper, and more connected than Curbsyde’s previous successful feature series “Australia Inside Out”…