Reconnecting With Canada Announced

Curbsyde Productions and OneWheelDrive.Net are pleased to announce production on their new feature series “Reconnecting with Canada” (RWC)
Reconnecting with Canada is a feature series showcasing Joe & Flora Lloyd: expat Canadians returning home after 8
years. RWC promises to be larger, deeper, and more connected than Curbsyde’s previous successful feature series “Australia Inside Out” filmed over three months, and 25,000 kilometers of life on the road in Australia
“This trip is different, it’s not about far off destinations or cultural parallels, its about finding a connection between our homeland and ourselves.” – Flora Lloyd , RWC Director of Photography.
“We’re very lucky to have such a great and loyal fan-base, we just wanted to do something different for this project. We decided a weekly on the go series, airing on OneWheelDrive.Net and would be the perfect thank you for everyone that has supported Curbsyde and OWD over the years.” -Joe Lloyd, RWC Producer

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