Reconnecting with Canada: Episode 3
Joe & Flora Lloyd are continuing north. In this webisode they experience the beautiful Nass Valley and the local Nisga’a people. Then it’s the famous Cassiar highway carrying them towards the Yukon; between master carvers, master jade workers, monster mosquitoes, and a thunder storm there’s plenty to experience.


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  1. Dieter says:

    Love your videos! As fellow adventurers in Newfoundland we are amazed at the spectacular beauty of the places you are showing us in British Columbia. We hope to get there soon to do a tour of our own. Was just wondering about your riding gear. The red jacket and the grey pants doesn’t look like the Klim suit you featured in the prologue. Who makes it? I am looking for a new “warm weather” suit, especially pants.
    Safe travels! If you need some guidance, a meal, or a place to stay while you are in St. John’s Newfoundland let us know! We have good food and a spare room!



  2. Dave Siemens says:

    Hi: Love your videos,it is interesting to see where you have been, we had a good time showing you around,and riding motor bike with you.Hope you have safe travels
    Talk to you later


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