Reconnecting with Canada – Prologue Join Joe & Flora Lloyd on a 3 month, 30,000+ kilometer journey across their native land of Canada. After eight years overseas their mission is to explore and reconnect with their place of birth. Reconnecting with Canada is a weekly web series starting June 8, 2010.

Great Roads: Top of the World

OneWheelDrive.Net rides the Top of the World Highway: Running between Dawson, Yukon and Poker, Alaska (the north-most land border crossing in North America) the Top of the World Highway is a blend of fabulous riding, sweeping and expansive views and history. This is a must visit destination road for anyone traveling the Yukon or Alaska.

Reconnecting With Canada Announced

Curbsyde Productions and OneWheelDrive.Net are pleased to announce production on their new feature series “Reconnecting with Canada” (RWC) Reconnecting with Canada is a feature series showcasing Joe & Flora Lloyd: expat Canadians returning home after 8 years. RWC promises to be larger, deeper, and more connected than Curbsyde’s previous successful feature series “Australia Inside Out”…

Hard and Soft – Adventure Riding BC’s Sunshine Coast

B.C.’s Sunshine coast is no stranger to riders, so how to spice things up. Great food, great accommodations, a good measure of adventure, and a motorcycling celebrity know for his work on Race to Dakar and Long Way Round. No, not Charley or that other guy.

Arctic Adventure Video: The Dempster Part 2

In the final video of the Arctic Adventure online video series, the OneWheelDrive.Net team reaches Inuvik, NWT. A ride that has carried us from Vancouver, BC to our destination 200km north of the Arctic Circle. Watch for our upcoming feature download and DVD exploring the Dempster Highway in detail.

Arctic Adventure Video: Telegraph Creek

The road to Telegraph Creek is one of British Columbia’s greatest roads, jaw dropping scenery, a hint of danger and a uncertain future. To steal a phrase every visit is potentially a last chance to see this great destination. So the http://OneWheelDrive.Net team takes a two day detour on our way to the Western Canadian Arctic.

Epilogue – Rush Hour

Crawling under the towering cables of Lion’s Gate Bridge, we’re rolling into Vancouver on the final leg of our return from the Arctic and our welcome is an automotive slap in the face. Traffic is ornery, pushy, and demonstrating the road selfishness we’ve not had to deal with for 10,000 kilometers. Mainly because for a major portion of that distance there was no traffic…

The Salmon Glacier

Stewart, B.C. – We are overlooking the Salmon Glacier, on a road that curls up the ridges overtop of the great flowing track of ice driven forward by its own weight. In the sun it dazzles the eye, gliding imperceptibly around a corner, with race stripes of medial moraine rock debris giving it black curves like a remnant alien roadway from the last ice age.

Top of the World

Awestruck by views so broad, so expansive, that the landscape and sky can barely contain them, the Top of the World out of Dawson, YT is one of the few highways we’ve encountered that truly, fully and completely lives up to its name.

Dempster Resplendent

Is this even the same road? I know the sign fading into our rearview mirrors says “Welcome to Inuvik”, but the Dempster Highway is transformed. Four days ago the infamously challenging adventure highway tossed us around like Cerberus using three souls as chew toys, today what was once the Mud-Beast is now asleep in the sun.