Tumbleweed ADV Introduces Gila 2.0 Fluid Tank and Wild Burro Top Rack for the KTM 690 Enduro

6742869_orig4617136_origFriday, September 13, 2013, Tumbleweed ADV put three exciting hallmarks in the books. First, was the introduction of the fledgling brand, touting innovative, solution-based designs for the two-wheeled adventure touring segment. Second and third was the launch of two KTM 690 Enduro products–the Gila 2.0 Fluid Tank and the Wild Burro Top Rack–all three unveiled at the 10th Annual KTM Rally in Steamboat Springs, CO.

Designed and manufactured in the United States, the Gila (pronounced HEE-la) 2.0 Fluid Tank is unlike its off-road alternatives. Designed by an adventure rider for the adventure rider, the “Gila” is made from 304 stainless steel to withstand the hardest of falls. Its placement, at the rear of the bike and below the stock fuel tank, allows the Gila to be filled without hassle or overflow. And it was no coincidence that the tank adds 2.1 gallons (8.0 liters) to your ride. The KTM 690 has an estimated 159 miles (approx. 256 km) until its reserve light comes on. Tumbleweed ADV’s fluid tank plus the reserve has an estimated 159 miles1 (approx. 256 km) until empty…thus denoting the phrase: KTM got you out…Gila got you back. Now just imagine the range combined with the Rally-Raid UK Enduro tank kit we tested a couple seasons back – Ed.


The corresponding anodized aluminum rack system, donned as the Wild Burro Top Rack, is included in the purchase of a Gila Fluid Tank but can be purchased separately as well. Its unique y-shape design integrates a variety of soft luggage bags, including those offered by Giant Loop Moto, Wolfman, Enduristan, Mad Again, et al.

The Gila 2.0 Fluid Tank is named after the Gila Monster, a lizard that lives in the Southwestern United States as well as Northwestern Mexico. Known for its irregular feeding habits, Tumbleweed ADV’s tank embodies this lizard’s spirit by allowing a rider to “fill up less”. The Wild Burro Top Rack is named after the Wild Burro for its recognized ability to carry heavy cargo in desert environments.

The Gila 2.0 Fluid Tank and Wild Burro Top Rack will be available January, 2014.

Tumbleweed ADV is a family-owned business with 30-plus years of mechanical engineering and riding experience.

For more details please go to www.tumbleweedadv.com.


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