ICON RAIDEN: Lords of the Atlas – Baja 1000

Pushing limits, testing resolve, and validating ideas-these are the doctrines for the all new RAIDEN collection. Rebuking the sad grey status quo that dominates the current ADV scene, RAIDEN charts a course of aggressive patterns, hella technical materials, and the boldest visual package. Designed for riders who demand as much from their gear as they do from themselves.

RAIDEN motorcycle apparel is designed around performance adventure riding, and was tested over 7000 miles of competition use from the Baja 1000 to the ALCAN 5000.

A bevy of proprietary materials and intelligent solutions elevate ICON RAIDEN above the fold, such as D3O impact protectors, HYCOR Waterproof/breathable chassis materials, and a litany of pattern making and design evolutions intended to reduce weight and bulk.

More than bullet points, RAIDEN’s mission speaks to the true spirit of adventure. From inspired color way designs, to expansive productions, RAIDEN shows what adventure can be.

To showcase this mindset, we present our latest production, “Lords of the Atlas – Baja 1000.” In conjunction with Triumph Motorcycles, we took large capacity Tigers back to a competition setting.

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