Fish Lake, Long Form Journalism and the Amazon Kindle Singles Experiment

The first review of our first Amazon Kindle Single, “Last Chance to Ride: Fish Lake”, is in, and if the printer were working I’d frame it. An Amazon’s Kindle Single is a short eBook, and potentially the salvation of long-form journalism as magazine’s continue to slide into decline. How they work and the opportunities they offer both writers and readers are quite brilliant, and point to the future of independent journalism.

Ducati Launches “DUCATI COMMUNITY” Social Network

Allow me a moment of cynicism. Perhaps, I’ve reached a point of over-connection through my Twitter, FaceBook and ADVRider accounts, but do we really need another social network to divert our attention from riding? Ducati thinks so, and I’ll admit after a few days toying with, which runs on the Kontain social network platform,…

How the Harper Government & Motorcycle Industry are Crushing Online Publishers

I finally believe the press that the Canadian motorcycle industry is swirling down the drain of an economic downturn. The symptoms of an ailing industry have increasingly affected Canadian online media as motorcycle companies close regional offices, as press fleets dwindle and tension over perceived damage to test bikes increases. For those of us publishing on the web exclusively, the situation has worsened, as Rob Harris of, points out in his editorial CMG Call to Arms, which reveals the massive cash injection of Canadian print publications are receiving from the Harper Government to assist their move from print to the web.

The Story of “Last Chance to Ride: Fish Lake”

A Chilcotin lake poised to be destroyed by a mine, that is ironically called Prosperity, that intends to fill it with rock waste and use as a tailings pond. An “easy” dirt road ride across British Columbia gone wrong, due to thousands of downed trees. These are the makings of “Last Trip to a Lost Lake” our recent article in the March issue of Cycle Canada (on stands now). Of course, there’s a story behind the story.

Road to Ruins – 2: Slab City

Slab City, “turn on, tune in, drop out”, this is a place to get at least one of those right. Gaining its appellation from the concrete slabs remaining from the flattened and abandoned WWII Marine Barracks Camp Dunlap, the slabs play host to hippies in shanty-town shacks, octogenarians RVs and hermits with a social life. But, the most notable resident is a man building a technicolor dream mountain.

Rally Raid Products UK – KTM 690 Enduro Tank Kit Review – Updated

Fuel; complain about paying for it, but not having enough is when it becomes a real pain. Especially in backwoods BC, where choosing the fun routes means gas stops are few and far between. By far we mean further than a KTM 690 Enduro R’s 12L stock tanks will carry you. Enter the Rally Raid Products UK Tank Kit, or the 9.5 litre solution for extending the range of our KTM 690 Hard Adventure R project.

Long Term Multistrada 1200 S: Princess or Borg Queen?

After hefting the Honda Varaderos through the Baja, I came to a conclusion – I hate big bikes in sand. Of course, taking the back way out of Slab City is what you’d expect of a desert; sand and deep sand at that. The surprise? Perhaps, we’ve been too quick in dubbing Ducati’s Multistrada 1200 S Touring “the Princess”.

BMW G450X meets a Bobsled

BMW stuntman Chris Pfeiffer heads up a hill on a G450X, a BMW sponsored bobsled heads down the hill thanks to gravity… all on the same track. What could possibly go wrong?

Road to Ruins – 1: The Salton Sea

We’re in a bar, because if you’re going to kick off a series called “Road to Ruins” it needs to start in a bar. A properly seedy bar, one in a town where dreams haven’t just been dashed or faded, they’ve been bludgeoned to death and their corpses dissolved in a toxic stew.

Adventure Photo: Multistrada on the Slab

While filming our upcoming adventure series, Road to Ruins, Kevin Miklossy captured this stunning shot of the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S at Slab City in south-eastern California.

Long Term Testing: Wolfgang and the Princess

Sometimes names stick, and if bikes have a temperament then our BMW R1200GS Adventure and the Ducati Multistrada 1200 S Touring have earned theirs. So, respectively meet Wolfgang and the Princess.

Neil and the Machine versus Florence and the Machine

72 Hours, 3 days; waiting in anticipation it can seem an eternity, but three days to ride from Vancouver to Los Angeles? That can seem all too brief. And the deadline? The will call at the Wiltern for a sold out concert of Florence and the Machine. Conspiring against me the scheduling deities are cramming the ride with a border crossing, two business meetings, and pesky biological needs; eating, sleeping and washroom all taking time from a 2,048 kilometer direct route. So, it’s Neil and the Machine, a R1200GS Adventure, versus Florence and the Machine.