KTM “Hard Adventure” 690 Enduro R Project – Range

At 206km the engine sputters, then dies on an uphill 18kms from the nearest gas in Tulameen. It’s not a shock or surprise, I’ve been waiting for the KTM 690 Enduro R to run dry for some time now. Exactly how long I’m unsure, the R’s the dash is resetting with every shut down of the bike, rendering the reserve “Trip F” counter useless. The short range is a problem here in BC where distances between fuel stops creep upwards as one heads north. Luckily a remedy for our, KTM 690 Enduro R “Hard Adventure” Project has been provided by Rally-Raid Products in the form of their auxiliary fuel tank kit.

The tanks arrived last week, and are awaiting install, but there’s a couple reasons I’ve opted for these rather than the bigger Aqualine Safari. First, and this is pure vanity, they don’t change the look of the 690 Enduro R much. The tanks (one left and one right) will widen the front end a bit, but retain the stock side panels. Second, they carry an additional 9.5 L, which in conjunction with the stock 12L in the 690 Enduro R’s tank makes for a total 21.5L. Give my current mileages (see below) that should give the 690 Enduro R approximate average range of 398km.

In reality that 398kms of expected range may be a bit optimistic given the on the throttle style of riding the KTM 690 Enduro R tends to incite, but the range will be enough that I can get across some of the biggest hops between gas that North America has to offer. Like the 370km jump from the Yukon Highway 2 (the Klondike) and the Dempster Highway to Eagle Plains on the Dempster.

There are larger tanks out there, the Aqualine Safari which offer’s 14L, but I’m concerned about the temptation of filling it to the brim and the extra weight that entails. Above all I want to avoid turning what’s a brilliant off-road bike, which literally has transformed my riding, into a pig on the dirt. Before any of the installation happens though, I need to get that dash sorted.

Description km L Consumed km/L L/100km MPG Current Range 12L Expected Range 21.5L
Parade Riding and Highway 160.27 9.7 16.52 6.052 38.86 198.27 355.23
Dirt 100.50 5.36 18.75 5.33 44.10 225 403.13
Dirt & Highspeed Highway 158 8 19.75 5.06 46.4548835 237 424.63
Highway 78 4.25 18.35 5.44 43.17 220.24 394.59
50% Technical Off-Road/50% moderate pace highway 206.5 12 17.21 5.81 40.48 206.50 369.98
703.27 39.31
Averages 18.52 5.41 43.55 222.18 398.08

Thanks to: Rally-Raid Products


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