RWC: The North – Episode 3 Excerpts

Beginning in Peace River, the adventure suddenly becomes even more real as the threat of a severe winter weather warning has the team on full alert for their longest leg yet. Battling through temperatures of -30 C, the team heads northward into Northern Alberta. This northern Alberta episode is a mix of cold temperatures, winter conditions, and northern Canadian culture. Featuring classic Canadian pond hockey, snowmobiles, French winter festival, and historic fur trading towns. RWC: NORTH team member Paul Mondor gets to visit a french Canadian settlement in northern Alberta and makes him remember his own childhood growing up in French speaking Quebec.

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  1. Duarte Vieira says:

    WTH happened to RWC: The North – Episode 2 ?!?!


  2. JoeLloyd says:

    Wow, that’s a very good question. No idea what happened there! I’ll make sure it’s all correct tomorrow. In the meantime, EP2 can be watched at


  3. Duarte Vieira says:

    Thanks Joe!


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