Neil and the Machine vs Florence and the Machine a Tweet-u-mentary

The BMW R1200GS Adventure's break-in period wasn't all sunshine and roses.

Tickets for up and comers and new U2 opening band Florence and the Machine Concert at the Wiltern have been offered up.  The problem is the concert is in Los Angeles on November 8th and the weather until now has been uncooperative. Watching the weather radar and forecasts like a hawk has revealed a rarity, a three day break.

That means if the weather holds, OWD’s Neil Johnston has under 72 hours to reach LA. After which November will probably start acting winter again, complete with snow on the high passes and lashings of rain on the coast. Of course, Neil’s not noted for taking the direct route or his navigational ability.

It’s a challenge that requires comfort, aptness on the road, weather protection, and an ability to overcome unexpected conditions. Cue BMW’s R1200GS Adventure, a really hot shower and a bit of luxury at the end of the road…

It’s a mix pop-culture, a fairly epic sized ride, a constrained schedule, no budget, which asks the question, “How do we tell the story?”

We wanted to do something a bit experimental. Enter the tweet-u-mentary – Neil and the Machine vs Florence and the Machine (hastag #NMFM).

You’ll be able to follow the adventure as it develops in tweets on OneWheelDrive.Net’s front page (in the lefthand column), the author’s Twitter page or FaceBook, There will be a stream of photos, quick videos and text updates bringing you along for the ride. Though not a deluge, Neil has to make some time after all.

Of course, the social web is a conversation, so those of you with twitter accounts can provide suggestions (cheap eats, places to stay or couches to surf are seriously encouraged), comments and maybe the occasional encouragement through your accounts.

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  1. Ed says:

    Neil,I Enjoyed talking to you during your short stop in Eugene yesterday. Looks as you’ll make L.A. with decent weather, be safe and enjoy! Ed


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