Giant Loop Fandango Tank Bag Review

Some bikes were never designed with a tank bag in mind, my own KTM 640 Adventure for example. A narrow seat runs most of the way up the tank, and that leaves very little room for mounting or fitment. Enter the Giant Loop Fandango, a tankbag near perfect for your problem child bike.

At 10 liters capacity the Fandango can hold most (if not all) your day trip essentials, as I found at the recent Orca Run dual sport event on Vancouver Island. There’s room enough for a few powerbars, some water, the point and shoot, the video camera, and with a bit of squeezing a rain shell. Perfect for days when the Zega bags seem like overkill for a Mars bar by the lake.

In terms of fitment the bag couldn’t be more stable if it had been crazy glued to the bike. The base attaches by three straps; one going around the frame, under the triple clamp up front. The remaining two loop around the frame on either side of the bike below the tank. The bag itself is sloped in design so that it fits most dualsports.

There is some real thought at work here, beyond the simplicity of mounting the Fandango. The walls of the bag are nicely padded, protecting the contents in a fall (not that those ever happen off road), and there is a movable internal partition to help you make the best use of the space. There’s also the requisite map pocket up top, for when your GPS dies… again.

There’s a couple minor irritants with the Fandango however. Depending on your bike, the buckles for the straps can bite into your legs if you’re muscling your ride about while in the standing position. Also, despite the zippers and material being waterproof, the seams aren’t. That means you’ll want to throw any electronics into a ziplock for safety’s sake, and stash the maps elsewhere during rainy days.

Beyond that the Fandago is a truly well thought out piece of kit; right down to quick and easy access to the gas filler cap by simply zipping the bag partly off the base, which remains strapped to the bike. That easy on and off design also means you can take the bag with you at rest stops for security purposes with no hassle. As important even during heavy usage, the bag stays put, even during our occasional drop of the 640.

Despite the lack of waterproofing, the Fandango is a winner for us. The ease of fitment across multiple bikes from sport to enduro is perfect for multiple bike owners, while build quality surpasses many of the established players in the market.

Wow… We made it through the entire review without a reference to Bohemian Rhapsody.

Giant Loop – $149.00 USD
MotoOverland – $164.99 Canadian


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  1. Great review Neil! All the new Fandango Tank Bags now have the buckles positioned higher on the harness – sorry you had an earlier version for testing. Also, we recommend using a tube of SilNet or a similar, commonly available seam sealer to maximize the water resistance of all of our bags – and plastic bags for maps and electronics when riding in hard, sustained British Columbia rains. Thanks for your thoughtful feedback – and for really getting out to put the bag through its paces. Cheers, Harold Olaf Cecil,


    1. Harold,
      Our pleasure! The buckles were a minor annoyance, and may not have been as big an issue on bikes other than the 640 Adventure which was our primary test bed.


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