Baja:Tropic of Cancer – Tijuana and Rosarito

In this quick second video from the Baja:Tropic of Cancer series; the guys from OneWheelDrive.Net have made it across the border. So what’s the first stop in the town of Tijuana that CNN has dubbed a “warzone”? Lunch of course.

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  1. Dan Cox says:

    Great videos so far on Baja. Nice to hear it isn’t the war zone the news promotes. For those of us that visit Baja, it’s sad to see all the bad media hype that kills tourism. Looking forward to the rest of the series.



    1. Dan,
      Thanks! Was fun to film and a challenge at the time. Do you head to the Baja often?


  2. Dan Cox says:


    I head down there as often as I can-usually once or twice a year. I was just there in April to ride a little and brought a friend for his first visit. I’m always surprised at the bad news about Mexico and saddened to see the effect its had on tourism. I passed your video link on to the web-site owner in San Felipe to link on her site. If you enjoy pure off-road riding, I’ve travelled with GoBajaRiding ( their North Baja trip a couple times. They also offer seven day Ensenada to Cabo off-road trips for the adventurous. Thanks again for the great vids.



    1. Thanks for passing on the video link!
      I’ve not done a ton of pure off road, but we’ll probably be returning to Mexico in October most likely with much more dirt oriented bikes for some further exploration. I’ll check out when I’ve a chance. Bit pressed for time right now.


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