Testing Blog: Ducati Streetfighter

So here we go, pulling back the curtain a little with a Testing Blog. You’ll have noticed that I stepped away from testing sport bikes for a while to pursue adventure riding, but if you’re going to come back there can be no bigger jump into the deep end, sink or swim, than a Ducati Streetfighter. With this bike comes the inevitable onus of the “money shot”, that knee down in the corner that’s a magazine hallmark, so I was feeling a bit of pressure today. I have, at this point anyways, failed… just.
I came close though, which is good enough in my books for a public road. Ultimately though I think we have to find another less populated photoshoot corner. There was just a few to many people around, I felt bad about the noise when there was a woman feeding a baby in the parking lot, and the tar strips are getting to be a pain to avoid. If there’s any suggestions in the Vancouver area, we’ve the Streetfighter a few more days. The bike itself is a bit of a beast, and I’m still forming my opinion of this enigmatic Ducati. If there are any Streetfighter owners out there who want to comment and let me know what drew them to the bike and how the ownership experience has been, the floor is open.

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