The Monster 696 Test Blog – One of Four


Our Monster 696 is one of four in North America, air freighted in for display and showcase it’s shocking that the folks at Ducati trust us with its care.  True, certain threats on my life were made should anything go wrong, but I’m not out to abuse the privilege.  Technically at this instant we’re ripping about on one of the continent’s rarest bikes, given that the 696 isn’t due to reach showroom floors until June’ish.  How does that feel?

For example, coming through a sweeper today I touched my boot down.  Now rather than pushing a little further to hear the pegs reassuring “tetch”, I held back a little.  I wouldn’t have done that with a already on the showroom floors 695… then again I likely wouldn’t have done that with the 695 at all.

The new Monster 696 is good, I’ll leave it at that, because I don’t want to shoot my literary load before turning out the review.  To recall a conversation today with Gary Eagan, a man about to do the Cannonball Run in grand 1098 S style, the Monster 696 is one refined creature, think Mary Shelly’s articulate creation, rather than the 695’s lumpish movie Frankenstein Monster.

Must sign off… Bikes to wash.  Better, bikes to dry.  As if I needed a reason for a late night ride.

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