Gran Turismo – Grand Canyon: Day 4 – West Wendover, Nevada to Zion National Park, UT : 1000km

p1010671It runs under the salt like electricity, but the GT1000’s tires can’t insulate me from this current.  We’re on one of North America’s temples of speed, the Bonneville Salt Flats, which, damp in spots, is featuring tenuous traction as we play on the stark white moonscape.

Given the conditions I’ll not be emulating “The World’s Fastest Indian” this day, instead settling for lower speed photos and reveling in the feeling of the place.  How strange is it that the GT1000 fits this backdrop, one of the birthplaces of “speedism”, so well?

Then we’re off, to the beat of 60s chase music in a 1000km day that begs the question, “How much spectacle can you cram into the hours before midnight?”

Highway 12 certainly qualifies, also known as the Hogsback, this is an astonishingly beautiful and challenging roadway.  The ride carries you along a ridge, a term too pedestrian to do the view justice, with chasms, walled by rock ranging in color from taupe to deep red, on either side.  If ever there were a place not to drag a knee, this is it.  Those subject to vertigo need not apply.

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