1098S Testing: Lost and Found

A hungry 1098S and its best friend ever.
Rolling out of Frazier Park I’m setting sites on Palmdale, CA for the evening.  Lacking a detailed map, GPS or even coherent local instructions I’m at a bit of a loss as to the points between the two, but certainly don’t want the pounding drone offered by the I-5 or even 138.  Fortunately there’s a rider waving me down…

I am not who they are looking for.  The group is the BMW Owners Club of San Diego and one of their own has fallen behind, and in the distance my oncoming headlight was enough to merit the flag down. By the time the rider turns up it’s established we share a final destination – circumstance and happenstance.  There’s a GPS or two in the group.

There’s a stop, so I push ahead to shoot some photos of the group.  Then I loose count of the number of people in the group.  So, irrationally I shoot some more photo’s, gear up and learn what the 1098S’s throttle is really about.

Did you know a 1098S will do 100mph as it redlines in second on a short straight?  I do.  Did you know that the Brembo monoblock brakes out front will scrub that speed like hitting a wall setting you up for the next 20mph corner in
an instance?  They do.  These pinnacles of sportbike evolution let you get lost far more effectively and quickly than ever.

I’m now glancingly familiar with San Fransicsqitto Canyon Road, Lake Hughes road, Bouquet Canyon Road, and several of their tributaries.  I say glancingly, but blurringly might be more appropriate.  If only being lost was always this fabulous.

Eventually after asking a local for directions I’m on my way to Palmdale, and even mange to find the Beemer folks for diner.

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