Passing the Race

meI was given the opportunity to race a Multistrada 1000 in the upcoming Ducati Cup here in Canada, and I’ve surprised myself by passing on this opportunity. Undoubtedly, it would be fun. It would make a great series of articles, but as much as I dream I’m not a racer.

The Canada Thunder Series, especially Part I, marked in my mind the first piece of true journalism I’ve produced and I’m proud of it.  It
tells a story of people who are passionate about what they do, and the drama that surrounds racing.  Having had a chance to gain entrée into that world I’d like to go there again, to cover people whose passion is racing, and hopefully do it well and
with respect.

There are real racers out there who deserve the coverage. I’d sooner a chance to provide such coverage, than cover my own amateur efforts.  Still, it would have been fun…  maybe I can still sneak out for a few laps.

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