Reconnecting With Canada: The North – Prologue

The Reconnecting With Canada: North crew are heading, as you would expect, North. Unlike most motorcyclists they aren’t waiting for clear skies and warm days, they are doing the ride in winter. Join the team of riders Joe Lloyd and Paul Mondor and support drivers Jesse Clark and Flora Lloyd as they prepare the bikes for the trip.

Road to Ruins – 2: Slab City

Slab City, “turn on, tune in, drop out”, this is a place to get at least one of those right. Gaining its appellation from the concrete slabs remaining from the flattened and abandoned WWII Marine Barracks Camp Dunlap, the slabs play host to hippies in shanty-town shacks, octogenarians RVs and hermits with a social life. But, the most notable resident is a man building a technicolor dream mountain.

Road to Ruins – 1: The Salton Sea

We’re in a bar, because if you’re going to kick off a series called “Road to Ruins” it needs to start in a bar. A properly seedy bar, one in a town where dreams haven’t just been dashed or faded, they’ve been bludgeoned to death and their corpses dissolved in a toxic stew.

Reconnecting With Canada : Webisode 14 – Newfoundland 2

Curbsyde’s second Newfoundland episode showcases some more amazing scenery and marine life. Joe & Flora experience some great Newfoundland hospitality, and interesting characters before making it to the furthest eastern point of the Reconnecting With Canada series; Signal Hill.

Tropic of Cancer: Beach House at the End of the World

There is a soft solid plop behind me as a lime falls from the tree, sacrificed its virgin self to the dark gods of Rum and Coke. I pick it up, set it on the table for later and seal its Cuba Libre fate. Kevin and I have reached Cabo Pulmo in the Southern Baja, and are recuperating at the beach house at the end of the world. Nine kilometers of what we’ve come to consider gentle gravel and light sand to the north of us is a line. Another latitude collected by motorcycle, the Tropic of Cancer.

Reconnecting With Canada: Webisode 13 – Newfoundland

Curbsyde’s traveling duo make it to Canada’s most eastern province of Newfoundland. A land known for it’s majestic scenery, fishing villages, and moose are sure to captivate Joe & Flora as they explore the Western side of this maritime province.

Reconnecting With Canada: Webisode 12 – Eastward Ho!

Joe and Flora finish Quebec with a visit to the amazing Bioparc, then the two head to Canada’s pristine maritime provinces and visit the Fairmont Algonquin’s happy canine ambassador “Smudge”. Then its onward towards the famous Cabot Trail!

Baja: Tropic of Cancer – Hazards of the Road

South of the oasis town of Mulege and rounding the corners overlooking Bahia Concepcion it’s hard not to be distracted. White sailboats, float on azure waters, bracketed by eggshell beaches, all rendered in travel brochure saturation… And then someone throws a car at you – several, in fact. The topper though is the bus.

Reconnecting With Canada: Webisode 11 – Who’s Walking Who?

Joe & Flora enter the famous Charlevoix region. One of North America’s oldest holiday making spots, and for good reason! Then it’s off to visit Jordy at the Fairmont Le Manoir Richelieu before making their way along the St. Lawrence river into the Quebec Maritimes.

Baja: Tropic of Cancer – Crossing the Line

In the conclusion of the Baja: Tropic of Cancer series, Kevin and Neil reach their destination in Baja, Mexico. They also reach some conclusions about their long term Honda Varaderos.