Reconnecting With Canada: The North – Prologue

The Reconnecting With Canada: North crew are heading, as you would expect, North. Unlike most motorcyclists they aren’t waiting for clear skies and warm days, they are doing the ride in winter. Join the team of BMW F800GS riders, Joe Lloyd and Paul Mondor, and BMW X5 support drivers, Jesse Clark and Flora Lloyd, as they prepare the bikes for the trip.


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  1. mugwump says:

    I was following this on Sport Touring dot net. I look forward to seeing what happened. I remember Joe crashing. I hope everyone came out OK.


  2. Matt says:

    This is great! I’m really looking forward to the full series. Beautiful film-making. I especially like the overall subdued tone — let the facts and scenery speak for themselves.


  3. Mollygrubber says:

    My wife & I saw you guys getting ready outside Pacific Yamaha before you left, and as we really enjoyed your previous films we wanted to interrupt you for autographs and adoration… I should have been more persistent about saying hello. Now that I see what you’re doing I really wish I had! Amazing trip so far, I’m impressed with the courage and the great job capturing it all. Best of luck!


  4. JoeLloyd says:

    Thanks for the comments all! Mollygrubber, you should have said hi! Am I remembering right, you guys were on F650’s? Will have to catch up for a coffee when we’re in Vancouver next. Cheers Joe.


  5. Mollygrubber says:

    LOL wow good memory! Well, you looked pretty busy, and I thought maybe I could detect a hint of nervous tension of some description… I know I freak out before trips so I decided to give you the space I find I need. Hope your trip is a success, looking forward to the next installment. The cinematography is wonderful! The scenes on the Coq’ were brilliant…


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