Speeding & Impoundment: The 40km/h Solution

BC’s changes to the Motor Vehicle Act aim to get tough on speeders through the mandatory impoundment of vehicles exceeding the posted limit by 40 km/h. The question is, will the new laws have the desired effect on riders?

Social Spannering with Motomethod: An Old School Shop with a New Twist

Rolling into Vancouver on an around the world tour, my BMW F650GS was in a state; the suspension pre-load was broken, the bike was stalling, there was a mysterious loss of power, the water pump was due for replacing… the list wear and tear was long and growing. I needed a shop, and what I found was something much more useful and unique: Motomethod.

Hard and Soft – Adventure Riding BC’s Sunshine Coast

B.C.’s Sunshine coast is no stranger to riders, so how to spice things up. Great food, great accommodations, a good measure of adventure, and a motorcycling celebrity know for his work on Race to Dakar and Long Way Round. No, not Charley or that other guy.

Canadian Motorcycle Industry and Social Media

The social media means as a reader you’ve joined OWD overlooking glaciers, shivering at the Arctic Circle and mid-review of various bikes. Increasingly members of Canada’s motorcycle industry are adopting social media, but there are no guarantees they are using it well. Here’s some help and hearty encouragement.

Arctic Challenge Counterpoint: A Personal Evolution of Adventure Riding

In his counter point to the Arctic Challenge, Joe Lloyd argues that in our rush to embrace the bigger is better marketing message, many riders are too quick to overlook the lighter cheaper bikes that hooked us on adventure riding in the first place. Case in point, the Suzuki DR650.

An Adventure Motorcyclist’s Guide to Riding the Dempster Highway – Part 1

It’s winter, the motorcycle adventurer’s planning season. If you’re dreaming of the Yukon, grizzlies, tundra and Inuvik, NWT, we’ve the “How to guide” for you. OneWheelDrive.Net presents our essential practical guide of hard learned tips and tricks for riding the Dempster, Canada’s only all-season highway to cross the Arctic Circle.

The Ducati Multistrada 1200 in Detail

With Ducati claiming to have taken the original Multistrada concept of sporting performance, comfort and versatility a more than a few steps further in the Multistrada 1200, we peruse the technologies that could make this all a reality.

New Rider Experience – III: The Mean Streets

In part three of OWD Advertising Executive Jennifer Priest’s new rider series the Pacific Riding School takes her to the streets, where Jen finds herself well prepared for the obligatory close call with a Vancouver driver.