The Team

Kevin Miklossy and Glenn Simmons
Kevin Miklossy and Glenn Simmons

Neil Johnston (Founder/Editor/Videographer), with Kevin Miklossy, started OneWheelDrive.Net in 2003 as an alternative to the somewhat dreary selection of motorcycle magazines found on the racks of the local corner store. Inspired by British motorcycle magazines Neil decided to put an emphasis on quality content, then moved onwards innovating the idea of what an “online magazine” could be. Neil can be found on OneWheelDrive.Net, Twitter and YouTube or by email at

Kevin Miklossy (Founder/Photographer/Videographer) can be found on most sunny days, camera in hand, encouraging our editor through the corner repeatedly. Such is a plight of a photographer, but Kevin’s hard work has defined OneWheelDrive.Net’s visual style.

Glenn Simmons (Photographer/Videographer) “recently” joined OneWheelDrive.Net as of 2007. An unreformed Harley rider, Glenn has taken to adventure riding and was key in our Arctic Adventure and Challenge series. Glenn’s photography has redefined what quality motorcycle travel is.

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