The most important thing about motorcycling is not what you ride but where you go, and whom you meet on the way.  To that end we’d like to see your submissions with an emphasis on travel and adventure, there are a few guidelines:

  • Right off make sure the tone matches OneWheelDrive’s, it should be fun, passionate, and a little irreverent.
  • Have some fun with the language.  English is versatile so feel free to use euphemisms, hyperbole, metaphors and similes.  One thing that’s been proven over the past couple years is our audience is well read.  That doesn’t mean your submission needs to suit the New Yorker, but if that’s your style don’t shy away from it.
  • Keep it under 1500 words please.
  • Unless it’s spectacular we probably don’t need another mid-life re-entry or entry into riding story.  If that’s you, then look for some special spin you can bring to the piece, a special or meaningful place you took the bike and what you found within yourself there for example.
  • Sadly, don’t expect money…  Around here we keep going on passion and pasta.  We can offer you a bit of fame and if you’re in the area a good ride and a coffee however.
  • Have pictures, currently our preferred web size is 895×500 and under 300k .jpgs.  Also let us know which pictures should be used at which points in the text if you’ve a preference.
  • Expect a bit of lag time in the response, as I said, we’re juggling a number of tasks.

Fire your missives onto,,

Neil “the Editor” Johnston

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