Since 2003 OneWheelDrive.Net has been a passionate, sincere and humorous, online motorcycle magazine focused on sport, sport-touring, touring and adventure riding.  For the past six years, over 6,200,000 visitors (1,339,929 page views annually) have come to us for exciting, entertaining and experiential “review-u-tainment”.  That term is a combination of review and entertainment, and sums up our philosophy that an online magazine should not only inform but also entertain.

Readers and Viewers

Important Numbers:

  • An average of 423,306 North American Page Views annually
  • An average of 95,475 Unique North American Visitors annually.
  • 41% are returning readers
  • 30.57% of readers are direct traffic.
  • 39.91% are referred by search engines.
  • Visitors read an average of 2.7 pages.
  • Readers spend and average of 3:18 minutes on OneWheelDrive.Net


Our reader demographic is that of mature riders, owning multiple bikes, with a propensity to travel.  This profile makes OneWheelDrive.Net’s readership exceptionally valuable to our advertisers.

Affluent and Influential:

  • Male: 89%
  • Average Age: 44
  • Average Household Income: $87,000.00
  • Average Bikes Owned: 2.5
  • 42% own one bike
  • 16.7% own two bikes
  • 5% own three or more bikes
  • 93% purchased motorcycle apparel or accessories in the past year.
  • 92% stay at hotels while on a motorcycle trip
  • 35% of our readers use an iPod or similar device while riding
  • 73% have a post secondary education
  • 80% are married, common law or partnered
  • 54% have a partner who also rides a motorcycle

Geographically Targeted:

Our audience is distributed primarily across urban centers in Western Canada and the US, but unlike traditional media, we can target your ad geographically allowing you to reach your desired region at your desired budget.

OneWheelDrive.Net Web Video

  • OneWheelDrive.Net videos can present the emotion of your product in a lively, entertaining and informative format.
  • Officially partnered with YouTube and DailyMotion, as well as PodCasts via iTunes, our videos reached 645,000 viewers in the last year.
  • OneWheelDrive.Net is first Canadian motorcycle outlet to become a YouTube partner, giving us additional reach and promotional opportunities.
  • Web video let us broadcast to both traditional and nontraditional motorcycle markets, and bringing features directly to the viewer’s desktop computer or iPod.
  • For more information contact: editor@OneWheelDrive.Net


ktm_950_super_enduro_2Leveraging multiple web media, OneWheelDrive.Net can create a variety of methods allowing you to reach our audience though web banner advertising or video sponsorships.  In order to maintain our relationship with our readers, we take our editorial integrity seriously, therefore can not produce advertorial or take sponsorships that conflict with the interests of a specific review or article.

To explore the options for working with OneWheelDrive.Net, please contact: Editor@OneWheelDrive.Net

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