OneWheelDrive. In a world of “Four-Wheel-Drive, clear-the-shipping-lanes, soccer mom’s-going to the mall and using 30 litres of gas to get there and having to take out a second mortgage on her third home for gas to get back” sort of SUV excess, the motorcycle stands in defiance. The motorcycle is a purist’s remedy to the arterial cholesterol of the caged masses. In opposition to populist auto-bloat, motorcycles are small, maneuverable, easy to park, cheap, and light on gas, blah, blah, blah… heck, they are almost downright practical.

But really, who cares?!?

We don’t ride because it’s practical. Your first time out in cow-floating rain, hail, or snow and that’s amply clear.

We ride for the passion, or at least around here we do.

Be it tricked-out streetfighter, track bike, sport bike, sporttourer, cruiser, or even the beloved 250 learner, motorcycles are, for us, about the fun and freedom we’ve chosen for ourselves by going on two wheels, driven by one… and the passion.

Welcome, then, to OneWheelDrive.Net (OWD)! Our antidote to the growing numbers of dry, passionless motorcycle magazines sitting on the shelves of 7-11’s and corner groceries throughout North America spewing endless reams of context-less numbers, dull specifications, and marketing department jargon. We’re taking the passion of riding and crowbar-ing it into every article we can, speaking the universal language of “bike” to do so. Our grammar may not always be perfect, but damn we’re going to have fun!

So let’s lay down some power with that rear tire…

Neil Johnston

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