Yamaha Super Tenere – Solid Efforts

OneWheelDrive.Net tests Yamaha’s Super Tenere, a bike conceived by the Japanese brand as an answer to BMW’s R1200GS, but does the Super Ten make the cut as an adventure bike? And, what is its biggest strength in going up against the BMW?

Durban Suite provided by Alpinestars

Alex F – Dead
License: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.5 Generic (CC BY-SA 2.5)

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  1. Jeff Katzer says:

    Nice work gents. That was fun.


  2. drassif says:

    Thanks Neil Really enjoyed the video article. Have seen alot of articles on this bike and have looked at a few in dealers. I like the bike but, the weight does seem excessive. I would assume pretty much as you have stated in the article that sand is pretty much out of the question unless you are followed closely by a backhoe. I hear that it carries it’s weight low and is not bad off road. I have even heard some say it is better than the GS off road aside from the ABS. What are your thoughts. I think my ideal would be for yamaha to make a real nice lightweight 750 vtwin in a chasis something like the Ktm 690 enduro with an adventure fairing and tank. I know a Damn lot of people who would buy that bike. Thanks again for the article.


  3. Svendura says:

    What about the 660 Tenere? In my opinion the best one cylinder adventure bike available. Kind of a heavy but cheap version of the KTM 640 Adventure. Or is the small Tenere not available in your country?


  4. Billy says:

    Hey once again great job!
    I think it’s a great bike that will have long term reliability, cheaper to maintain then the KTM or BMW. How did you feel about the distance between the foot pegs and seat? did it feel compact?

    I would not be surprised if some one came out with a chip and switch to over ride the ABS. Have you herd about anything like this in the works?



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