Adventure Quickie – Anza-Borrego: Pinyon Drop-Off and Sandstone Canyon

GPS: 33.048917, -116.299933

Looking for a bit of a challenge? Especially, if you’re on something bigger than a 250 dirt bike? Take a stab at Heart Attack Hill. More formerly known as the Pinyon Drop off this ride takes you though the varied desert and canyon scenery of Anza-Borrego in Southern California with enough obstacles to make the day’s outing interesting.

The hill itself is a bit of mind of matter, if you don’t mind dropping the bike, then it doesn’t matter. For the rest of us a more cautious approach. Once down the “drop-off”, the ride features a couple challenging rocky sections just to keep you on the pegs.

Make sure to take the side trip up Sandstone Canyon (end of the video) as this slot provides and constantly narrowing run… think Tatooine without those pesky sand people. Ok, by the end of the ride you might be mistaken for one, this one features periodic sand along with some fiendishly scenic desert riding.

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