Great Roads: The Salmon Glacier

A short ride out of Stewart and you encounter one of the most jaw dropping landscapes the Province of British Columbia has to offer – the Salmon Glacier. Undoubtably, this is a destination worthy of member of OneWheelDrive.Net’s Great Roads collection.

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  1. Paul says:

    Stunningly shot and beautifully narrated. It’s now on my must-see list.


    1. Paul,
      Thanks, this has turned into one of the videos I always try to show folks when they ask what adventure riding and touring are about. The secret of course is that it’s not a hard destination to get to, but just so stunning.
      Glad you enjoyed,


  2. Kevin says:

    Great video Neil!! Just wondering what time of year you did the trip?


    1. Kevin,
      It was late August, on our way back from the Arctic, when we did the Salmon Glacier ride. We completely lucked out and a had great clear and rain free run out of Stewart/Hyder.


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