Meet the New OneWheelDrive.Net

Neil Johnston (Editor)Interactive maps for rides, travels and adventures, more room for pictures, better display of videos, better navigation, new ways to discover articles… Meet the new OneWheelDrive.Net!

It wasn’t a small undertaking, with over 400 pertinent articles to convert, adventures to geo-tag and a lot of cursing at code, but we’re proud to introduce OWD Mark II.

The changes are editorial as well as visual, cutting to OWD’s core and our philosophy. You my friends, were asking for more motorcycle adventures (on road and now off) to complement the steady diet of reviews and commentary. Your wish is, very happily, our command.

There are still a few wrinkles to iron out. Your logins will slowly be converted, there is a server limitation on this, and old comments are gone, but the new system will let you chat up a storm if that’s your want. About 400 stale news articles are gone, but no one was reading the pre-launch specs on the R1200GS anymore anyways. If there are bugs, please let us know at, the feedback is greatly appreciated!

Now, onwards with a full season of fresh bike tests, fresh tours and new adventures!

Neil Johnston

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