Ducati Hypermotard-A for Adventure

There’s a lot of buzz about Ducati’s upcoming Adventure oriented Multistrada replacement, but do we really have to wait? We at OneWheelDrive.Net have gotten impatient.  Well, that and our 640 Adventure is waiting for parts, so can our long term loaner Hypermotard stand in?


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  1. richmeyer says:

    I really want to see more on this. Sport touring is boring, lets see that Hyper as an adventure bike. This has been running through my mind ever since I took delivery of mine. Lets see what you guys can do! Oh, and I want more info on that Hyper Race Project from 07.


  2. Edward says:

    I too am very interested in seeing more activity of turning the Hyper into a real AdvenTouring bike. I may try my hand at it also, but need to get a Hyper first.


  3. jwade says:

    As with richmeyer and Edward, I too would like to see the Hyper turned into an adventure touring bike. I already live on a dirt road and am courious as to how the bike would fair running a set of Conti. TKC 80 tires? FYI just found the sight yesterday and I am loveing it! Keep it coming!


  4. Jerry says:

    Ok you have done the Hypermotard A for adventure no how about doing the Hyperstrada A for adventure?


  5. fileeep! says:

    I came across this site as I have a 2015 Hypermotard and just took a blast up to the Burma border on, not so great roads but the Hyper handled it ok, got me there and back. But what about further a field??? From Thailand into China….Apart from a change of tires and some protective panelling, maybe a longer mudguard on the front, thinner fork oil and reduce the rear shock setting…I think she will be up to the task….I have only this bike in Thailand so do not want to waste money buying another, there are some great trips around this region and I reckon the Hyper can do most of them….I will keep you posted…


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