Review: BMW Allround Touring Boots


The Allround boots are the “entry level touring boot” when compared to the Pro Touring boot. This “entry level” boot seems on par with the top touring boots from quite a few other manufacturers. In fact when trying both on I definitely preferred the Allround to the Pro Touring, but this could be more of a foot shape than anything else.

Sizing it up…

The boots that fit me the best was the 42 (9 in US), this was a little bit odd as any other piece of footwear or motorcycle boot I own is a 43. So I would say the sizing is a little large, but the 42 fit me as well as a 43 in anything else I own. One important factor, is that I wear Thorlo socks when I ride, every time. Thorlo’s are quite thick, so if you wear regular socks the Allrounds might even fit a little larger still. Either way, trying boots and walking around for as long as possible just makes good sense. The only time I don’t is if I’m ordering online and the company has an excellent return policy based on size issues.

Thick cow and hard bits keep me safe…

The boot is constructed of 1.8mm thick leather and Cordura with plastic reinforcements on the shifter area. The hard bit’s keeping you safe are a rear protector, rear cap, ankle protector, and plastic reinforced boot tips. There’s even a shift lever reinforcement on the right boot, just in case you ever hop on a bike with the transmission on the right hand side!

Another nice safety feature is the cat’s eyes reflective panels on the heels. Although not large compared to a bike and rider, they just might make the difference when some over sized SUV with eight screaming kids and one strung out mother comes hurtling your way. Also the sole is made out of a oil and diesel resistant material according to BMW. I’m going to take their word for it, as I haven’t had either stain the sole or do anything nefarious to the Allround boots. As far as touring motorcycle is concerned, this boot will offer superior protection, as well as comfort.

Goretex, Goretex, Goretex!

A good touring boot should be all about the long range, or long day in the saddle. A touring boot that can’t keep water out, in my opinion shouldn’t be in a sport’s tourer’s closet. Unless you live in the middle of the desert that is. In which case why are you reading a review on Goretex boots anyways?

BMW obviously shares a similar philosophy, or just got a great deal on Goretex with their 2008 range. The Goretex label seems to be everywhere in the BMW Rider’s Gear catalogue. The Allround boots are no exception, The Goretex membrane is integrated into the boot itself so there is no chance of your toes getting wet. I’ve used these boots in heavy rain, with no leaks what so ever.

Ergonomics, the study of finance?

These boots feel firm off the bat, but not in a bad way. The leather needs to be worked in a bit here and there, but it’s supportive where it needs to be. The liner inside will keep your feet nice and warm, and while I haven’t been able to test in summer I don’t feel that this boot will be over warm in the summer either. One thing to note, is that I found the top of the boot to be a little scratchy on bare skin. This is remedied by wearing longer socks, or me growing a pair. The boots have a zipper running on the outside about ¾ up until the job of securing them to your calf is taken over by the large Velcro piece. The zipper and Velcro is a relative standard, but on this boot I’ve noticed the zipper is of excellent quality. The sole itself is a little hard when walking, but these aren’t made to be walking shoes. For the average amount of foot transport in a rider’s day this really isn’t an issue. Now, I wonder why I’ve wasted my time and yours even mentioning it?

So, are they worth it?

Yes. At a MSRP of $219.00USD all I can say is yes. There are no major drawbacks, only some minor items that could be picked out from boots costing more. I would recommend having a good look at these before splurging out for the BMW Pro touring as well.

Wrapping it up…


Excellent for Winter, Fall, and spring. Waterproof and warm. Will get a little hot in extreme summer temperatures.


Can be used with almost any suit or jacket & pants combination. Versatile enough to allow the pant to be tucked in or over the boot.


Excellent quality Italian leather and soles. Internal liner appears to be made for longevity.


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  1. Mollygrubber says:

    I’ve been wearing these boots during every ride for two years, and I ride and commute all year round. I have to agree completely with the reviewer, never a drop of water inside and comfortable to walk in for extended periods. The only nitpicks I have are the scratchy nylon stitching at the top of the boots (solved with judicious use of duct tape) and the lack of airflow in hot weather. One further possible negative, which I have thankfully not had an opportunity to prove or disprove, is the lack of mechanical protection for the ankles. Leather is great, but if the bike falls on you it won’t prevent a fracture. I guess the trade-off for great protection is lack of mobility, so take your pick.

    Well worth the money in any case, I’d guess they’ll last me at least another two years of leak-free riding.


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