Ducati 1098 Testing: Escape from LA

1098S Rear Tire - Scrubbed in.

“We give bikes out without plates all the time.”  I completely fail to understand this concept and explain that in British Columbia it’s a pretty big deal.  Suddenly, I feel like a naive foreigner. Still I don’t have papers for the bike so that’s a good excuse to avoid slab on the 1098S – as if that’s needed.

More relaxed on the 1098S, indeed forming a rapport of sorts, by 11:30 Mulholland Drive, the Getty and San Monica have had 1098S visitations.  After that the day was all about back roads, the Malibu Canyons, side roads and off shoots falling under the 1098S’s rear tire. Well, back roads and gas stops, a lot of gas stops…  76 miles before the fuel light… but so much fun between.

Most interesting distraction today was boiling around a corner at the northern end of Mulholland Highway, to find a man practicing his didgeridoo into the canyon.  Curiosity peaked I looped back.  He said it had good acoustics, and revving the 1098 I have to agree.

This evening finds me in Ojai, California by the way… before and after dinner I went for a sprint up hwy 33.  It’s a technically challenging road, with some seriously questionable sightlines and a couple mind-boggling 260degree sweepers, which has been freshly repaved – I’m not sure it gets better.  The short tunnels themselves are worth it.  The 1098’s tires should be nicely scrubbed now.

1098S at the Rock Store

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